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Member and Nipper Membership Fees

Catherine Hill Bay SLSC requires online registration for new and renewing members, including the payment of fees.

This allows the registration process to be quicker for you and completed in a timely manner. Instructions to complete your online registration if you are a new member and for setting up a Family Group can be found in the Library Tab.

Instructions for those returning and just wishing to renew can also be found on the library folder.

NOTE: You will be prompted to change your password due to a system upgrade.

You can also use your NSW Active Kids Vouchers for payment.

Membership Fees 2021-2022 Season

Up to 28th September

​From 29th September

Nippers U/6 & U/7 plus one parent



Nippers U/8 to U/14 plus one parent



Additional Nipper U/6 & U/7



Additional Nipper U/8 to U/14



Active Member: (Patrolling member, Age Manager, Committee member)



Reserve Active



Competitive Active



Associate Active



Family Membership



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